Cordyline ‘Can Can’


Cordyline ‘Can Can’ is a stunning new clump forming Cordyline. The foliage colour sets this variety apart from all other Cordyline.

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  1. We just purchased 3 each 3 gallon “Can Can” plants and have planted them in 3 large ceramic pots. They will be watered for about 2 minutes or so two times a week on a timed watering system. I have noticed that almost every green foliage has a brown tip in lieu of green. So, please tell me what is the reason(s) for the brown tip? And, will the brown tip disappear at some point in time? Thank you.

    • Ross Bayliss says:

      Darrell, Apologies for delay in response, I normally get queries via email and don’t check website very much at all. It sounds like you are doing everything correctly. Cabbage trees (Cordyline) do traditionally get a brown tip as you described and unless under no stress whatsoever is a trait of them. They won’t green up again, but you van nip the end off if more atheistically pleasing to you? Cabbage trees also under stress begin to have their lower leaves brown off and eventually fall off which gives a corky type trunk. You can try cutting off stems above leaf line and will bush up and generate new growth. Ross Bayliss

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