Ross and Lorraine Bayliss
Ross and Lorraine Bayliss

Growell Plants is run by Ross and Lorraine Bayliss from their 25 acre property in North Canterbury. It previously encompassed their wholesale nursery Bayliss Nurseries Ltd. Growell Plants acts as a broker or breeder representative and does not grow any plants on site. We are happy to direct you to your nearest point of supply if you would like to contact Ross, generally via email is the quickest way.

Ross is a fourth-generation nurseryman and owner of Bayliss Nurseries Ltd which was started in 1899 by his great-grandfather. Ross is a plant lover with more than 35 years horticultural experience as well as being a past president of the Nursery and Garden Industry Association of New Zealand. Ross has a well established sense of the attributes a good plant requires in today’s market to be successful and through Growell can make the best placement anywhere in the world on behalf of breeders.

Breeders can place their plants with Growell with confidence the best will be done for them on their behalf, and the correct paperwork will be in place and there will be thorough trialing around the world before any release.

All plants will be protected by a Patent, PBR or PVR in the owner/breeders name before release and a fair and reasonable royalty returned to the owner/breeder twice a year with a comprehensive reporting system to accompany royalty payment.

Growell is also bringing into New Zealand new and exciting products from its overseas partners.

Growell is well positioned to act as a broker for large consignments of New Zealand plants that are required anywhere in the world.