Ultra-miniature agapanthus growing to only 10cm high. Classic pure white double blooms which appear above the foliage all summer, reaching just 20cm.

Champion is a neat and compact shrub eventually reaching 40cm or so.

Agapanthus 'Blue Horizons' is a compact plant that reaches a height of about 80cm.

Smaller, compact growing form. A sport off the very popular Agapanthus "Streamline" with abundant sky blue flowers.

The beautiful flowers of these evergreen shrubs decorate many gardens during spring. They are extremely popular, and more winter-hardy than commonly thought.

Sapphire blue flowers stand in dense clusters during late spring and early summer, a superb combination with the foliage, which is dark bronze green when unfolding and dark green afterwards.

  This broad upright deciduous shrub has wonderful large flowerheads, abundant in late summer and autumn with lemon-coloured flowers.

The strong growing ‘Levana’ Hydrangea produces, if pruned back in spring, very large flower heads up to 20 inches (50 cm) long at the end of stiff twigs, nicely spread over the whole plant.

A breathtaking new Cordyline, ‘Cha Cha’ distinguishes itself from all other Cordylines thanks to the colour of its leaf. New leaves develop into bright multicoloured apricot to light brown leaves, and maturing from yellow to green.

Cordyline ‘Can Can’ is a stunning new clump forming Cordyline. The new foliage comes through with a bright variegation of pink on red.

Barberries are well-known shrubs for gardens and public areas.

Agapanthus 'Pacific Blue' is a vigorous but compact plant of about 100cm.

'Starburst' will grow to 1.5m and its tight habit makes it ideal for container use.

A newly developed Clematis from New Zealand. It is striking in its semi-double, two-coloured flowers.

'Giant Star' looks great against walls, trellis or in a tree.

The semi-double flowers are white, which is unique within the range of Clematis montana.

Flowers are semi-double and have a warm pink colour.

Colour changes to orange-red in autumn, staying during winter. A striking effect with green and yellow tints!

The variegated dark green leaves are egg-shaped to obovate and have relatively broad oranje margins, turning orangered on older leaves.

The rich deep orange, red and pink hues of summer change to deep reds for the winter.

An attractive evergreen shrub with inconspicuous flowers but striking variegated foliage.

During autumn the leaves change into orange-red with green. These colours stay during winter and make 'Rainbow Surprise' a really spectacular plant!

Foliage is dark green and bronze-green edged.

The glossy lanceolate leaves are green with broad yellow margins and a very narrow pinkish red outer margin. The vibrant magenta stems go very well with the variegated foliage.

In spring the young shoots are purplish red and will be readily followed by dark pink flowers.

In spring the young shoots are purplish red and will be readily followed by dark pink flowers.

The healthy foliage is fresh green. In spring the bright purple-pink flowers appear in dense racemes. The flowers open over a long period throughout summer.

'Granny's Bouquet' is a new and winterhardy Lavender. It instantly attracts with its very neat and compact habit and intense violet-blue flowers.

Much stronger growing form than any other Parahebe, with larger cleaner leaves as well as the largest purest white flowers of any Parahebe produced so far.

Albizia 'Tropical Dream' is a sprightly flowering tree with many soft feather like pink flowers standing on stalks scattered across the top.

Hydrangea paniculata Candlelight® has beautiful creamy white flowers at the tip of thickset twigs. These twigs are a fittingly dark red, so the look given is alluring and particular.

Ice Crystal is a lovely Oak Leaf Hydrangea form giving the plant a different look to any other Hydrangea.

Hydrangea aspera Hot Chocolate® has large lacecaps. Around the edge attractive pink flowers and in the heart blue fertile flowers at the end of sturdy brown red twigs.   The underside of the leaf is a striking burgundy. The top is chocolate brown, fading to deep green later in the season. Hot Chocolate® is a […]

Pink Candy is a great plant for around the house, vibrant with pink along side dark green foliage changing to red and bronze as Autumn arrives.

'Matty Brown' is a great semi hardy plant that can be used in any border and will not look out of place on a balcony or terrace.