Agapanthus is a small genus of perennials with fleshy roots. In nature they occur only in Southern Africa.

There are more than 250 cultivars that are very popular throughout the entire world. Because it is not hardy enough in most of the temperate regions, it is almost always offered as pot or tub plant.

Agapanthus ‘Pacific Blue’ is a vigorous but compact plant of about 100cm. Its leaves are fresh green and relatively broad. Although it is not a low plant, it still has a compact habit. This opens possibilities for use as a tub plant for all terraces and balconies. It is also an excellent cut flower. The flowers are violet-blue and open on strong stems during summer.

Agapanthus ‘Pacific Blue’, exclusively offered by Van Vliet New Plants BV in Europe and is a very good addition in the range of Agapanthus. The vigorous but compact habit, floriferous and deep colours make it an excellent perennial for many purposes.

Available in Europe.