This tree begins flowering in January and flows through until mid-March, throughout the blossom new flowers are opening up each day. The Albizia is also referred to as the ‘sleeping tree’ as the foliage of the fern close in at the end of the surrounding daylight, ‘tropical dream’ is the best one from a selected group of seedlings from the higher areas around Seoul (Korea). There for it is most forth coming and hardy as these trees already flower vigorously after just two years. Left without pruning they can grow to a staggering 16 to 20 ft (5 to 6 m) high. After 10 years

if it is pruned annually this will encourage the flowering to be more extensive,

though this is not necessary to maintain the beautiful abundance of flowers. ‘Tropical dream’ has a great longevity of flowering, making a great small hardy tree for cooler climates.