Hebe Champion (Champseiont) Hebes are very popular nowadays, and rightly, because they are beautiful evergreen shrubs, suitable for every garden or balcony.

Champion is, like the other Hebes from Van Vliet New Plants selection, a neat and compact shrub eventually reaching 40 cm or so.

The glossy dark green leaves contrast very well against the purplish twigs. In late spring the violet-blue flowers open in relatively long racemes. However, most astonishing feature of Champion is its winter hardiness. It is suitable for planting in USDA zone 7. Champion needs a well-drained soil and must not dry out in the season. It fits best in pots and tubs but will of course do as well in the garden.

The main features are the dark green leaves in combination with the warm violet-blue flowers. Of course its winter hardiness is a major advantage.

Available in New Zealand, Australia & Europe.