‘First Light’ is a compact and rather slow growing evergreen shrub. At young age this plant has a nice globe-shaped habit, but when older it will grow much broader than high: about 1′ (30 cm) high and 2′ 8″ (80 cm) wide.

The foliage is dark green and bronze-green edged. During winter the entire leaves are dark bronze-green of colour. In spring the clear purple-pink flowers appear in dense racemes.

The flowers are prominent for a prolonged period. ‘First Light’ needs a well-drained soil and must not dry out in the season. It fits best in pots and tubs or even as a house plant and in a (perennial) border.

The main features are the dark bronze-green tinted leaves in combination with the clear purple-pink flowers over a long period.

Available in Europe and New Zealand.