‘Jewel of the Nile’ is a compact evergreen shrub. It combines several features that make it attractive throughout the year. The glossy lanceolate leaves are green with broad yellow margins and a very narrow pinkish red outer margin. The vibrant magenta stems go very well with the variegated foliage.

The margins colour deeper pinkish red during winter, thus creating an even more colourful effect. In late spring and early summer pinkish white flowers open in compact upright racemes. The flowerbuds are purple.

‘Jewel of the Nile’ will eventually reach a height of about 60 cm and a width of about 50 cm. It must be grown in well-drained soil and may not dry out during the season. ‘Jewel of the Nile’ can be used in tubs and pots, in a (perennial) border or in group plantings. Is a very ‘clean’ growing variety and more resistant to diseases often associated with Hebe’s.

No matter its use, the effect will be stunning.