‘Granny’s Bouquet’ is a new and winter hardy Lavender. It instantly attracts with its very neat and compact habit and intense violet-blue flowers.

The foliage is green and the plant has a very compact to almost rounded habit. ‘Granny’s Bouquet’ will attain a height of about 40 cm and grows equally wide.

The flowers stand in upright spikes and are intense violet-blue. Because of the green leaves (instead of the usual grey-green) the whole plant has a “warm” appearance. The well-known lavender scent is quite unique and differs from other Lavender varieties, but of course not absent in this plant. ‘Granny’s Bouquet’, offered exclusively by Van Vliet New Plants in Europe, can be used in many ways. It is suitable as low hedges around (perennial) borders and in small to medium-sized plantings.

Of course ‘Granny’s Bouquet’ flourishes very well in tubs or pots on terraces, having a very long flowering period. It is worth using in every garden.

Available in Europe and New Zealand.