Hebe ‘Orphan Annie’

During summer the foliage of ‘Orphan Annie’ is green with creamy yellow margins, and can reach a height of 1ft 8in and 2ft wide.

Hebe ‘Lady Ann’

With purplish red shoots followed by dark pink flowers it has a visibly attractive combination, available in NZ and Europe.

Hebe ‘Jewel of the Nile’

A compact evergreen shrub, very ‘clean’ growing variety and more resistant to diseases often associated with Hebe’s.

Hebe ‘First Light’

‘First Light’ is a compact and rather slow growing evergreen shrub, that can grow 30cm high and 80cm wide.

Coprosma ‘Inferno’

Great looking Coprosma with deep orange, red and pink leaves during summer, overcoming with deeper red for winter.

Coprosma ‘Fireburst’

Has variegated dark green leaves that are egg-shaped to obovate with relatively broad orange margins.

Cordyline ‘Jive’

‘Jive’ has striking green leaves with a lemon-yellow stripe on them, can reach up to 3m high and 1m wide.